♚ Brat.

♚ Forty-First Move - {Voice}

I am disgusted by my actions. For those of you who were lucky enough to witness my - erm - transformation, I apologize for giving into the curse. I was perfectly capable of {not acting like a cat}behaving myself, but I - {He isn't even sure how to finish that thought. Sighing, he clears his throat and begins anew.}

I grow weary of the constant cursing and violent nature of this city. I am grateful that no one else from my family has arrived. They would only be more fodder for the deities' ill intentions. {Still, he can't deny that it would be nice to see them - if only for a moment.}

It looks like I will never be going back to London at this rate. I miss the city and its various sights and sounds. I miss my mansion with its garden of white roses. But, most of all, I miss being recognized by my title. My family's history is tied inextricably with the English Monarchy. Phantomhive is a name that nearly everyone in London is, at the very least, aware of. Here, however, ... {Ciel snorts derisively.}

Sebastian, if you can resist the urge to purr, I would like some tea. {Because tea fixes all ills.}
♚ Childish.

♚ Fortieth Move - {Video}

{Dessert has been served and enjoyed. Ciel is sitting at his desk, running his tongue over his fingers. After he has deemed them clean, he lifts up one of his legs and attempts to lick it too. Only...he can't reach it. How annoying.

Scrunching up his nose, he lowers his leg and tilts his head. Upon seeing the recorder on, he leans forward and noses it, puffing out a small breath. What follows can only be labeled a purr.

The Earl of Phantomhive is in a strange mood. And he might be up for adoption.}
♚ Evil.

♚ Thirty-Ninth Move - {Video}/{Action}

You will step no further! I will defend her with my life! [Hello, Poly. You are greeted with the sight of a young boy waving a sword in your face this morning. He seems quite adamant about having himself heard.] If you take another step, I will slash you to pieces!

[There is a wicked gleam in Ciel's eye and a dark smirk on his lips.]

Who dares to challenge me? [Briefly, he brings his sword down to his side and eyes the "crowd".] Are you too cowardly to announce yourself? How pathetic. [He even goes so far as to sheathe his sword again. Such ego.]

You are not worthy of her. Leave her in my company and escape with your tail tucked between your legs.

[ooc: Ciel is...an aggressive hero. Feel free to be the heroine/princess or a rival hero/villain vouching for his lady's hand. I'm cool with any idea you might have!

Also, sorry for being missing for so long. My puppy has been really sick. I should be around more now. ♥]
♚ Amused.

♚ Thirty-Eighth Move - {Video}

[Ciel is in his shop, over-seeing some new decorations.]

No, no, put them there. How can anyone possibly see them if you hide them behind the shelves?

[Placing his hands on his hips, he purses his lips.]

The banner should be higher. [Briefly, he lifts his eye-patch to ensure that said banner is straight.] That will do.

[He adjusts the camera so that everyone watching can see:...]

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